Friday, 24 January 2014

23 years, 23 facts!

Ahhhh! I'm 23 today, and it feels very old, well more odd. Guess I can't belt out that Taylor Swift song anymore :( Have a feeling this is going to be one of the best years of my life though :D this time next week we shall HOPEFULLY be moving into our new home! That makes the year all by itself... but with my Sally around it's gonna be even better :D

So given my new age I shall share 23 facts about me :) some you'll know, some you won't!

1. I am the youngest of 3- have one older brother (four years older) and one older sister (8 years older). Unfortunately everyone thinks they're younger than me! Being married and having a kid (and soon to be a mortgage) probably adds to this! Get the anti-aging out.

2. I really disliked going to school- Primary especially. It wasn't that I found it hard, or that I didn't have friends, I just loved my mum so much I didn't want to leave her (despite her attempted bribings). I even remember running after her through the empty school playground balling my eyes out. Really hope I don't get my comeuppance with Sals as it made my mum feel so bad!!

3. My main hobby is watching telly :D bad I know, but I just love FAR too many programmes! I have cut down though- when I was at uni, Dave and I added up that I watched 16 series at once. Does it really count as a hobby though?

4. For my 16th birthday my parents took me to watch Anton Du Beke and Erin dance in London (very posh dinner thing). I got to dance with him! Nearly fainted!

5. I used to faint A LOT in my teens! Doctors just said I was a person who faints, and gratefully it has not happened for the past 5 years :D

6. I got to meet the Queen on my actual 16th birthday at school :) it was in the papers, "Elizabeth meets Elizabeth".

7. Beth is short for Elizabeth.... and there are no other shortenings of my full name that are accepted.

8. I have 15 years worth of journals :) and still going. They are my most valuable possession after Sally of course.

9. I have a huge nail varnish collection, stored in an over the door shoe holder. Cannot have too many... just ask my sister.

10. I got my driving licence when I was 17 (passed third time... just), but didn't drive again till last year, so 5 years later. Safe to say I had a top-up lesson.

11. I absolutely LOVE rollercoasters! That scene in Despicable Me (the first one), where they're on the rollercoaster gets my adrenaline going :) hopefully be off to Alton Towers this year :D :D :D pregnancy prevents so much fun!

12. I taught myself to play the piano from the age of 12. I wouldn't have been able to learn it any other way as I would have despised classes!

13. My left thumb is double jointed.

14. Dave and I were dating for just over 2 months before we got engaged (which was exactly 4 years ago yesterday).

15. We were engaged for just 8 months before marrying, and it wasn't shot gun :D

16. I have a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Leeds- I got a 2:1 :D

17. I've never really known what I wanted to be when I grew up. So I've decided that I'm a mum, who does a bit of writing on the side. Eat that career advisors from high school :P

18. I have been to see lots of different people at concert- Take That (all 4 tours), Lady GaGa (was like being on drugs!!), Britney Spears (she didn't sing live at all, and wasn't that great at dancing... but it was Britney :), the Pussycat Dolls (they were supported by Rihanna, before she got WAY more famous than them!), Spice Girls and Pink.

19. I have a lazy left eye, in that it is much more blind than my right- even had to wear eye patches when I was little!

20. I was married aged 19, 2 years older than my mum when she got married.

21. Everything I have in my life I put down to my loving Heavenly Father. I could not be happy without my faith.

22. My mum is by best friend.... literally cannot go one day without calling her :)

23. My greatest achievement in life is my Sally! Baffles me that I grew her inside me, and that we love each other as much as we do :D

Happy Birthday to me!

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