Friday, 3 January 2014

A Sally fixes everything

I can't help but write another post about my Sally! I just floopin' love her so much! I can literally kiss and snuggle her all day! And I do! Thankfully she loves snuggles and smooches just as much as me.

Her current 'love' is her Uncle Chris. Over Christmas she was constantly giving him kisses from her high chair across the table to Chris. And of course, like everyone, he's wrapped round her finger so went over each time to claim them. He also taught her how to blink on command. So when she now sees him on facetime she follows him around the screen and is always winking and kissing at him :D she makes him VERY happy!

My dad, (Pops) says a hug from Sally, even if it lasts just a few seconds heals all sorrows. So that is why I am so happy :D She also likes to share her hugs. When she's woken up she likes to give each person in the room a kiss and a cuddle. The same when she's going to sleep :)

Sally also helps other people get what they want. If there's any chance Sally like's anything- specifically food wise- that product will always be bought (mainly with regards to her naughty Nanny and Pops). Luckily she mostly loves fruit so it's healthy for all. But in a recent trip to Costco with Nanny and Pops, Auntie Rella and I tried to take advantage of this power of Sally's. It got as far as grape juice (which she did love) and cinnabuns. But for some reason it wasn't believed that Sally loved peperoni pizza and a big jar of gherkins :( sadtimes!

Sally keeps the peace :) when she is around you can never get too stressed out or annoyed... with anyone or anything! Here are a couple of examples:
  • When I tripped on one of her toys a few months back and my foot completely crunched and fell under me (was as painful as labour- thought I was going to pass out!), I was 'owing' out loud lots and lots but I couldn't get round to actually crying because Sally found my ows HILARIOUS! She finds anyone hurting themselves funny- a consequence I think from her watching 'You've Been Framed' with Davey Babes, she laughs the whole way through at just the right moments, then dances to the theme tune! So you can't cry if you're hurt because her reaction is just so inappropriately laughable.
  • When we were over at Nanny and Pops' helping them pack their house in a very frantic few days there was not one stress out from mum or dad (mum the most likely culprit). They said it was because they couldn't get all worked up and frustrated with our little lady waddling around jabbering and giving kisses to all! 
We just love her sooooooooooo much! I could literally go on about her alllllllll day! But I won't don't worry :D Just so you know though, she is the greatest kid EVER!
Here she is asleep with her daddy on the sofa- it seems 12 hours sleep wasn't enough. Dave got up with her so I could have a very rare lie in, and when I came down at 8.45am they were like this! Her daddy's sleepiness must have rubbed off on her! So he got a lie in too!

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