Friday, 10 January 2014

Pre-Birthday Haul

If you follow me on twitter (@bethybonss) you'll know that I got a bit excited in town the other day and had a little shop :D It's what I do best :) I justified it by saying it's my birthday in a few weeks, so I was just building up to that ;) So I thought I would share my loot with you!
First shop was Superdrug....
Katy Perry Killer Queen 50ml EDP - first got a whiff of this scent before Christmas in a magazine and I was delightfully surprised by its deliciousness! Especially as a cheesy celeb scent (do love me a bit of Katy Perry though!). The last couple of years I've been sparingly using my Diesel Loverdose as I loved it so and it was so dear! But this smells very similar, lasts much longer and is around half the price! My kinda dupe :) hubby loves it too. He said he kept getting whiffs of it and it was like hitting a brick wall, but a nice wall.... he's special :) hehe... it's described as a 'floriental' fragrance... fancy shmancy... just noticed that Superdrug now have an awesome deal on the 100ml bottle... gutted....maybe an 'actual'-birthday haul gift?

B. Pure Micellar Water- yep, I had to get it whilst it was a third off! Plus I had triple points in Superdrug as it's my birthday month. You all know I love it from my review of it in my 2013 favourites here!

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer Reckless- before Christmas I was looking for a long-lasting deepish red lipstick. I tried the tester of this and fell in love! But they were out of stock... so I waited till this week :) Haven't properly tried it out yet- tomorrow will be the first day! But I have heard lots of good things about this range and they are apparently matte too. Still dreaming of Rimmel's Apocalips new shade Eclipse... waiting for a good deal! For £3 this shall defo do the job for now! Dark lip is perfect with a nude eye and winged eyeliner in winter :) guess my make-up for tomorrow!

Next shop was Boots...
Johnson's Skin Perfecting Oil For Stretch Marks- For some reason this was in the clearance (normally £9.99) and I couldn't resist! I have some MAJOR stretch marks! Look like a loaf of tiger bread! I do love them though as every one reminds me that my Sally used to be part of me. But they do need a little attention. I couldn't believe how well this seems to be working just in the couple of days I've been using it, morning and night. Just seems to have smoothed the skin so they're less dimple like, and they just feel more nourished! Plus I do love a good bargain!

 E45 Dermatological Dry Scalp Shampoo 200ml- been wanting to try this out for a year or so now. But with winter and changing shampoos my sensitive scalp tipped the scales and this entered my basket. Not the cheapest shampoo I've ever bought but necessity prevailed and after one use my scalp felt immediately soothed :) and it has no funky smell or oily leftover residue like other dermatological shampoos I've used in the past like T-Gel. Likely to become my go-to shampoo from now on!

 Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond Leave-In Conditioner 150ml- this was a bit of an impulse buy just looking around at various hair products. Given my simple shampoo I wanted to get something that would do what other shampoos do, without the shampoo part! It supposedly detangles and lessens frizz. Definitely detangles, not paid too much attention to the frizz part, but it smells gorgeous! And unknown to me it has lots of positive reviews online! Obviously have a good eye ;) plus it's dirt cheap, especially for a hair product!
Last shop was River Island!

Picked up these two things! One sale one not! I've been in need of some new leggings for a while! And I could not refuse these gorgeous grey denim-like pair! And their high waistish too :D literally LOVE them! And for £15 I felt they were defo worth it! Not too tight fitting either :)
Also could not resist this watch in the sale for £5 instead of the original £18! Perfect skinny watch to go with my silver days (I have gold jewellery and silver jewellery days... no mixing and matching... hehe). Another proper bargain!

Just want to add that everyone should have and use their points cards! Specifically Boots Clubcard and Superdrug Beautycard! It doesn't take long to build up your points and you soon get money off! I didn't have to pay for both the leave-in conditioner and the stretch mark oil. Plus I got £1 off my Superdrug spend. Got £5 to spend on my Debenhams beautycard too...that shall have to wait until my actual birthday for sure (Urban Decay Naked 3 palette here I come!).

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