Monday, 13 January 2014

Empties: Autumn/Winter 2013

Been gathering the bits and bobs of interest I've used up in the past 3-4 months. And, well I guess you never really use up something you don't really like, so I'd thought I would share :) sharing is important :) they teach you that when you're a kid! So it must be true!
This first one won't come as a surprise! My B. Pure Micellar Water! Amazing stuff... Cleanses and removes make up like a dream :D and it's not pricey either... shan't go on about it anymore... for now anyways :D
My second B. product of 4 in this blog! B. Energised Eye Cream. Is the best eye cream I've ever used and really wakes up and refreshes your eyes! Also had little to no dark circles when using this even with a 1 year old :D Quite pricey for me so I am trying a cheaper product to see how it compares, but I was very impressed with this one! I imagine the one's in skin phases 2 and 3 are also good (phases are according to age, which is a clever idea in itself). Lasted forever too! Have a feeling I may be going back to it in the future!

B. Ready Day Cream. I think my favouritist thing about this product has to be it's packaging! Because all the other B. items I had tried were so good I thought I'd give this ago. An all round decent moisturiser. Prefer my moisturiser in this sort of packaging too because you get too use every bit of it, unlike tubes. It met my dry skin needs, but my skin is quite sensitive and so decided to try something else once I'd used this up as it left a bit to be desired in terms of soothing the skin.

B. Nourished Night Serum. Yep that's right... I basically tried the entire skin phase 1 range! Much like the day cream it's a good all rounder that met my moisturising needs! Was pleasantly surprised too that just one pump of the serum kept my face moisturised until the morning- was worried I'd have to use another moisturiser on top. Lasted a good while because of needing so little! But also like the day cream I've decided to try something a bit more nourishing and soothing! Especially in these colder months! But if you don't have such complicated skin as me then their ranges are definitely worth trying! Won't break the bank either! Plus they've always got some sort of deal going on in Superdrug in the range (they also do makeup which has pretty good reviews too!).

Avon Solutions Ageless Bloom Neck and Chest Treatment SPF15. This is the first neck/chest moisturiser I've ever used. Very paranoid about getting a wrinkly neck, so when I saw this on a deal I got it! And enjoyed using it! Definitely noticed a difference in the texture of my skin on my neck which I was most pleased about. Used it more as a prevention than a cure :D One pump did plenty! Currently using an alternative also by Avon just so I can compare and decide which is better. But all in all this is awesome! And it has tons of 5 star reviews online. So if you're paranoid like me, or need a bit of firming and toning then it is definitely worth the purchase- especially if you get it on a deal, which is nearly always the case with Avon.

Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Hand Cream. One of the many hand creams I've used this year! Was happy to just use any hand cream before I used this one! Got it as part of a set on my birthday, and the sales lady said her dad doesn't use any other hand cream! So I had high hopes! Is beautifully smelling and very luxurious. For me it was a bit too hydrating (a touch greasey) for everyday use, so I got around to only using at night. Was a little sad it ran out :( and I think I won't be repurchasing it as I've found one better......

Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream. LOVE THIS STUFF! So sad it's all gone! :( The best hand cream I've ever used! Got it as a freebie with a beauty magazine last year. It smells DIVINE! Sweet orange scent, but not too overpowering. Simply gorgeous! The perfect hydration, non-greasy and just all round amazing. And it saves the bees! Just a shame it's so darn expensive. So going to try Soap and Glory's Hand Food as I've heard lots of good things about that. But maybe this shall be a repurchase as a treat one day.... I can hope....

Diesel Loverdose EDP. This is one of those perfumes that when I first got a sniff of it I wanted to smell like it for the rest of my life! An what a beautiful smelling life it would be. Tried to make this last as long as possible- but all good things must come to an end :( A floral, oriental scent, that luckily I have found somewhat of a dupe in Katy Perry's Killer Queen EDP. But as a designer perfume Loverdose's scent is more concentrated, and the bottle is just sooooo beautiful! Is it worth the pretty pennies? Would be if I had them! :)

Now to wait for my bin to fill once more....xx

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