Saturday, 4 January 2014

2013 Everyday Favourites

Sometime soon you're gonna see a change in this blog of mine! Hopefully a good one you will like :D this talented hubby of mine (with my help of course) is going to beautify my page! Going to be a more dedicated blogger and cover everything from my life, family, faith and beauty. So watch out for that!

This blog is one of two on my 2013 favourites. The second will be beauty related. Let's get on with the show!

My Pandora bracelet. Got a few more additions to it this year including 2 clips so that my charms can be separated and don't slide all to the same place! I just love it because every charm represents something in my life! I now have 2 representing my Sally :D These really do make amazing gifts and mine has been a main feature on my wrist this year :)

My trustee Topshop handbag! I got this for my birthday last year and it has been the most perfect companion when you already have a huge changing bag that can carry most things, but you still want you're purse contents close to hand. It is basically a purse-handbag hybrid :D and was very useful at keeping everything in one place! But I am now sadly having to say goodbye to it as it is a bit worn out from all my wild adventures! But it was definitely worth the £7 or something ridiculous I paid for it..... Best go search through my small but beautiful handbag collection... Hello there ;) hehe...

My Joe Browns faux leather jacket! I got this for a steal from a charity shop when we lived in Headingley, Leeds. Couldn't believe my luck when I saw it! Got it for £10.99 if I remember correctly... and it has been worth way more than that to me! It's just super cool. I won't lie, I feel a little like Peyton from One Tree Hill when I wear it (BIG OTH fan :) It literally goes with everything and has been the perfect jacket for this English weather when it's neither hot nor cold! (As long as it's not raining of course!). I REALLY love it, and it is now getting rather worn :( maybe time for an upgrade? Hehehe.... best get searching the charity shops again!

My River Island boots! I have a soft spot for RI boots full stop! Still have pairs I got when I was like 16 and 17 :D They last forever- obviously you have to get new heels and soles every few years. But they are soooooo worth the often pricey price tag! These ones though were less pricey as they aren't real leather. I got them as my 'pushing' present after having Sals (every mum should get a gift for sho!) and I still love them as much as the first time I saw them every time I put them on. Primark are doing a pretty decent copy of them, but they're nothing like the real thing! Trust me :) Definitely my shoe of the year.

Yes, I know it's sad... but I just love tele! Sky+ has been the best thing ever! Now that Dave and I are not our previous late night student selves many a programme is recorded! Then there's those crucial times when there's 2 programmes on at the same time you love! Problem solved :) Have seen some AWESOME tv this year :) from Downtin Abbey, to Revenge, to I'm a Celebrity and my most favouritist programme The Apprentice.... New season soon please!!!!!

This final favourite is a combination of two things.
First our mini ipad! A most generous present from mum and dad last Christmas. The best thing ever! I use it for everything! And it was super handy when I was breastfeeding and only had one hand properly free- this kept me entertained during those hours of the day :D Going to be a favourite forever methinks! Especially now we have a baby proof case :D it actually bounces! Hehe!
Last, but by no means least my Sally! The bestest best thing ever! She has made every day of 2013 the best day. I can't actually contain how much I love her. It seriously grows with every giggle, smile, snuggle and cheeky grin! She's my princess and I know that both Dave and I would be lost without her! If I could be sure every child I had would be as perfect as she I'd have squillions..... okay maybe 3 or 4..... don't hold me to that though!

Hope you had a wonderful 2013 full of beautiful things and most important memories! That's what I have taken away from it the most!
Happy New Year! I have a feeling this is gonna be a good 'un!

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