Thursday, 13 March 2014

A post about cotton pads...

Yes... I am about to embark on a post about cotton pads.... but honestly, truly, I think it's gonna rock your world... well at least your world of cotton wool pads, that's even if you use them.... if not you should start, and these are the ones you should use :D
Say hello to Aldi's Lacura 100% Pure Cotton Pads :D The main reason I purchased these was because I was wanting to try out some Aldi stuff (read about my first experience here) and for 2 packs of 100 pads it was something like 99p!!! Which works out cheaper than Tesco's everyday value pads that are 49p for 80 pads, and had been my favourite until now.... When I opened this pack just the other day I was expecting your standard cheapish pad, nothing special.... so boy was I surprised when I came across this dual-sided beauty!!!!!
It just felt so luxurious too... it almost appeared like the sides had been hand-stitched together. BOOTIFUL! I was literally in awe, and continued to show Dave the amazingness of the simple pad.... unfortunately his thrill didn't match mine. Sadtimes.... After admiring its beauty I investigated the packaging to find out what the meaning was behind this fandangle of a pad....
So I followed the instructions as such, and the results have been revolutionary for my skin. It removes my eye make up better, my face make up, and the smoother side really helps my toner to nourish and cool the skin. I can't believe how a simple pad can make your skin routine so much better!!! Yes you may think I'm mental but I don't care!! Just go and buy some- they are the cheapest option too after all.... I just can't believe it all..... Living the dream.... hehehehe.... Join me ;)
After trying these I think it's my duty to give the other Lacura products a trial... have you ever tried anything from this range?

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