Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sociable Sally

Just this past week or two Sally's little personality has multiplied in magnitude tenfold! At least! It baffles me how much of a person she is now. She's such a happy person, who can't stop herself from boogying and singing when music comes on (as we speak she's trying to sing along to 'Bibidy bobody boo', very suited to her jibber jabber!). She also loves walking back and forth to and from the kitchen carrying various things- usually her favourite knitted cardy worn on just one arm... Yes yes she's pretty unique too! Not known a kid like her and I've seen many with my mum's childminding and church. She gets very frustrated trying to be independent putting on her own clothes (there's no helping her sometimes!). She also loves to just sit on a chair by herself with her blanket (usually over her head) so it's nice to know she can have quiet time :) . She is a proper girly girl too... She loves helping me do make up and cleansing my face etc.. And she gets super excited when she's wearing a dress, like I can't get it on her quick enough! And it's definitely not all learnt behaviour from me.... I think anyway hehe...

I think what's surprised Pippin and I most of all about our Sals is she's super sociable!!! Just the past week she's taken her friendliness to a whole new level. Here are three instances...

  1. Institute- so we went to visit my mum and dad in Leeds this weekend where they're serving a mission for our church as a couple for the Institute of Religion in the area. So the building where they live and where lessons are held (it's floopin huge and beautiful) has many a young person and people in general around. Let's just say they had already heard a lot about Sally (grandparents may be a little bit obsessed) and I'm pretty sure Sally still managed to exceed their expectations. She did a whole lot of charming on a couple of lads, who couldn't help but respond to her floozyness ;) and in a matter of seconds she had one girl letting her use her phone and laptop.... Crafty :) she was just so smiley and chatty the whole time!
  2. Train ride- on the train home she was in an especially social mood. She just wanted to stand in the aisle the entire time chatting to people, and in some cases invading their personal space. At first I was reluctant to let her socialise but I knew she could tell the situation was different to that at the Institute where we kinda knew everyone. She never went out of arms reach and every few minutes came back to me for cuddles :) but boy can that girl chat! She had a group of lads giggling to themselves at her antics, and then became best friends with a young lady chat chat chatting like they were having an overdue catch up. She even asked me if Sally would like some Percy Pigs- now that's love! (I said no thank you wishing she had asked me!). There was literally no stopping her and it made me so full of happiness to see how much she was brightening the day of the commuters... Who are a pretty tough crowd!
  3. Doctors- had to take her to get her night coughing sorted. Whilst we were in the waiting room she was the same as on the train, doing her cheeky fake giggle and staying close by whilst charming everyone. Then she busted with confidence and kept walking back and forth to the reception desk talking to the receptionists whilst on tip toes peering over the desk! Then in the room with the doctor she didn't stop talking except from when the doctor was checking her chest. She was non stop natter natter and the doctor pretended to have a comversation with her which was lovely.
I just love how happy she makes everyone, even when just pushing her along in the pushchair. I hope she always stays so sociable. Obviously we'll teach her all about stranger danger when she's older, but whilst she's with me she can talk all she likes :) plus 99.9% of people are harmless. Who wouldn't want their day brightened by my gorgeous girl! FYI I am totally child bragging :D who doesn't?
Here's a small snippet of my day-to-day life :D

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