Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spring Everyday Make-Up Use & Review

Thought I'd start a new kinda series of blogs where I create a make-up look for the main purpose of reviewing some products! 2 blogs in 1!! Snazzy I know ;)
So today children.... we are reviewing...
Here's what I used for the entire look:
Let's start with the MUA palette.... I've had this for over a year now and I love it initially because it has everything you need in one place, and it's as cheap as chips for £6!


Mocca, Cookie and Chocolate
I took Mocca in the inner corner of my eye then used Cookie as a base really packing it on. It's a gorgeous bronze colour that isn't too shimmery so good for Spring. To add a bit of definition I used Chocolate in the outer corner, through the crease, and a little under the eye.
The eyeshadows in this palette are quite pigmented but at times a little chalky. But they last really well... though I do always use an eye primer... just very cautious like that :D


Shimmer Kiss, Bronzed and Pink Sparkle
I took Shimmer Kiss the highlight shade on the brow bone and across the top of the cheekbone- not as pigmented or creamy as what most people would like in a highlighter, and it has quite a chunky shimmer to it. Bronzed is the most impressive part of the WHOLE palette! I used it to contour in the hollow of the cheeks and along the hairline and jaw. I won't lie, it is a pretty scary powder when you first pick it up on your brush as it's super pigmented, so use it sparsely... like very much so. But it's just so darn good!! It's really matte too which is always desirable in a bronzer you're using to contour. I've been so impressed by it (once I worked out how best to use it) that I'm highly considering trying to find a similar full size product in the MUA range. It lasts all day too and blends very well...
I took Pink Sparkle on the apples of my cheeks- it's very kinda natural flushed blusher colour, and not all that pigmented. But works well for an everyday light look, good for spring.

Waited so long to get this product! And it was well worth the wait. Superdrug website describes it as- Green goes pink. A waterproof formula with added Aloe Vera stays on for up to 8 hours. Depending on the alkali level of your lips, determines just how pale or rich the colour will go. And this is the colour it turns mine :D Love it!!! Feels nourishing and stains your lips all day. What I love most though is that it's MAGICAL!! Dave's never been so fascinated with a lip stick :D Plus Barry M Lip Paints just have such gorgeous packaging- makes it feel so much more luxurious and pricey.

I got this light reflective gloss free in Glamour magazine last week (worth £12 and still available) and I wasn't sure of it because it's a bit too sheer on my lip by itself. But it's gorgeous strawberry scent (tis AMAZING!!) and awesome mirror incorporated packaging (all lip products need to take note!) made me try it again. And on top of the Barry M lip paint it's awesome- makes the lips look so shiny and juicy! The shine is incredible, and the formulation isn't too sticky or tacky as far as lip glosses go. Your hair will still stick somewhat when the wind blows, but the gloss lasts well and feels super nourishing too! Defo worth the £2 for the magazine :D everyone loves a freebie.... Could sniff it ALL DAY!

Just an overall natural Springish look, with a pop of no-fuss colour on the lips :D
What do you think of these kinda posts?

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