Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beth the Inventor

Do you ever have those moments in your life where you come up with the greatest idea in the world, the sort that would probably make you a few bob... well I've had a few of these over the years... To be honest it was mainly confectionary related- who have thunk it??
Still to this day I believe I was the mind behind white chocolate malteasers and chocolate raisins in Revels (my dad was the personal manager for Mars and I'm pretty sure someone bugged our house and stole my ideas.. hehe...).
In a different sense I'm pretty sure I was the gal who first coined the term "Moobs" whilst in 6th form. Everyone thought it was hilarious, and from that day to this the term has grown in use... you may thank or unthank me for that one...
So last night I had another epiphany (or what Dave likes to call an 'epidural', I love that man for his Davisms). Unfortunately for Pippin it was just as we were getting off to sleep, when I usually start some crazy conversation, or ask him for a science lesson as I clearly didn't retain any of that info from school (who would have thought I needed it!). So to my idea... since having Sally and taking more and more pics on various devices I've have got slightly stressed out at the thought of organising it all into files on the computer. Then there's the question of what ones you should get printed, or uploaded online... then the worry of losing all your files... you with me?? So in those 5 mins I designed in my mind a website where you could store your photos in online albums, available and in a sense another safe place for them. There was a bit more detail to it than that... but I'm not sharing just in case..... So we decided that I'd talk to my dad about it, as he's all business heady... well my dreams of  the big bucks were shattered once more! Ever heard of something called 'Flickr'.... yep that online photo storage bad boy.... looks like I'm gonna have to carry on working hard at my novel series after all.... was nice to feel super genius inventy for a night :D Now to check out this 'Flickr' see if it's as good as my brain's version....
Don't stop dreaming big! I may get there someday!!!!

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