Sunday, 2 March 2014

100th Post!

Can you believe it!!! Well I can actually- can't believe it's taken me this long to do 100 posts, especially since I've been blogging for like 3 years!!!! Ah well....
Crazy to look at how my blog has changed over time, and more noticeably how my life has changed :D So glad I've documented it all here. I also keep journals (have like 15 years worth!!) but it's just nice to see photos and stuff. It's mental how much stuff I've forgotten.

To begin with there was my uni and early marriage days. Life was really easy back then :) retrospectively at least ;) back when Dave cooked me a full roast dinner all by himself :D he now claims, when I brought it up, that he was only able to do it then because he didn't have 50 hour weeks (work and commute time). But I've made a deal with him.... a compromise of sorts. His only real chore (apart from emptying the bins when he remembers) has been washing the dishes.... and let's just say I'd giving up with the nagging, and searching for clean utensils. So I will now do the dishes as long as he cooks me a roast dinner every Sunday :D and he did :) we shall see how long it lasts as I gave him an easy start with roasting all the veg in little chunks, so no pre-boiling, and pre-prepared roast chicken veg. But it was still good :D He has to make me hot chocolates in the evening when I want them too :) I'm loving it though, because every time I go in the kitchen it's CLEAN!! I actually really enjoy doing dishes, gives you time to think. Plus Sally thinks me in washing up gloves is very entertaining- she waves at me then wants to kiss them... nutter!!!

Then there was the move to Chesterfield, Dave growing into a big boy and starting work and me being pregnant in the last months of my final uni year! Don't do anything a bit at a time :D From that moment to this I've loved every minute of living in this gorgeous town :D I can't find a single thing wrong with it except how long it takes Dave to get home from work. A sacrifice for now so we can stay in such a lovely place with such a lovely ward, but I may have to do a bit more compromising in the future...

Then the best thing of all happened!!! SALLY!!!! I was sooooooo huge for so long- once I got to the 1 week late point I literally thought she was never going to come out.... but she did :D all 8lbs 15oz of her, thick hair and all. Every day Dave and I love her more and more, and we don't know how it's even possible!!!! And now she's nearly 18 months!!! And will be in nursery at church soon- the mind boggles!!! She's my life, and I can't imagine being anywhere else than at home with her.

Now we're in my beauty-ish faze :D I'm just a huge beauty related things junky! Luckily I'm very thrift too, so I can just about contain myself! But I hope you guys like those sorts of posts too- good to mix things up a bit.

So what's to come? Well a move most definitely- hopefully within the next month- but apart from that who knows. One things for sure, our next new house definitely doesn't mean a new baby :D we can be very patient about that :D even with Dave's intense broodiness at times.... I may even finish my first novel this year, that's my goal!!!

Well thanks for reading along with my life this past 100 posts :D I've loved it all!!!!! Be sure to go back and read some past blogs- I was pretty funny back then, even if I do say so myself ;)

Love, love, love,
Mrs Bethy Bonss Patrick

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