Monday, 10 March 2014

"Saturday is a special day..."

If you've never been in Primary at an LDS/Mormon church then just ignore the title... except for the Saturday part :D
The Saturday just gone was pretty awesome ("Everything is AWESOME!!!").... Just a good all round family Saturday spent with my Sparrow and Pippin :D So I thought I'd share my day with you :D including a bit of an OOTD (outfit of the day) as I thought I looked cool :) because I'm just cool like that..... so cool!

Jacket- Charity Shop (M&S), Top- River Island, Skirt- Republic, Tights- ?, Boots- Faith
Excuse the mess in the background- Sally was having a nap so Dave decided to sort out his hoard of stuff under the bed! What a good man :D <3
I really liked the make up I did too... may even do a post on it at some point because it was a really simple but pretty Spring look...
We didn't even really do anything special, just went into town together did a bit of shopping and then took Sally to the park so she could walk around, have a play and watch the ducks and geese (luckily the geese were well behaved so I didn't get too scared :D brave Bethy). Sally really loved it :D she loves just walking along and nosing at people :D we had Subway for lunch- we hadn't had it for donkeys- and Sally didn't eat any of hers (apart from her oat and raisin cookie of course) because she had turned herself full 180 degrees to join in a conversation two teenage daughters were having with their dad..... she was proper joining in chatting away but luckily they were far away enough to not notice her sticking her nose in! She enjoyed herself though.... and well Dave and I... nom nom nom.... Need to go to Subway more :)
Love this pair sooooo much!!!!! She's such a pro walker now and is really good at wearing her reigns otherwise we would lose her- as Dave realised trying to keep up with her running around in H&M in new shoes we let her try on.... funniest thing was that they were still attached to each other by the tag stuff, but she didn't let that stop her shuffling along really fast between all the rails, daddy chasing her whilst I picked out a few additions to her wardrobe!
H&M does so many cute kids clothes!! They're really good quality and cheap too!!! Defo give Primark a run for their money, more so because their clothes are ethically sourced... and just cuter :D I managed to stop myself from buying pretty much everything... but Dave gave into the super cute red pinstripe jeans with an anchor button detail... and then once we tried the Converse like boots on Sally and couldn't get them off her (and she walked real good in them considering there's lots of growing room), we had to get them for her- especially as they were only £5.99 too!!! Then got her a simple pink short sleeve t-shirt which was on sale for £2 and a pack of super adorable bright patterned socks as Sally's always seem to get stolen by The Borrowers... crafty devils....
I also treated myself to a couple of bits from Primark... underwear related... let's just say some parts of your body don't get smaller again after having a baby, and for the price Primark is just about sufficient!!! Treated Dave to a new tie that I just loved, and a pair of grey jeans (standard Dave) which turned out naf as I got him his size and you could literally have fitted me in them with him.... which he would have enjoyed far too much I'm sure! TMI!! So they're being returned...
A perfect family day finished off with a bloomin' fantastic bath interrupted by Dave saying he'd done the dishes for me :D Relaxation to the max!
Going to try and make every Saturday more like this! It's amazing how just getting out and about as a family makes the day so much happier :D
Did you have happy Saturdays?

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