Wednesday, 5 March 2014

February Favourites

It's that time again..... Got quite a few favourites from this month......bear with :D
Let's start non-beauty wise....

Fiorelli Handbag- have had this a good 3 years or so now.... and I still love it!!! It's one of those bags that is perfect for the darker winter months, and literally goes with everything. Plus it looks gorge too :D good size too!!! Love it so much, especially after not using it for a good year or so- it was like Christmas all over again when I got it out to use it.
Owl purse- got this for my birthday from Dave's grandparents, and it literally could not have come at a better time as my previous little purse I used to hold lipstick like malarkey in in my bag broke! This one's much prettier :D and bigger :) so I can now hold chewing gum, brush-mirror hybrid, tablets, perfume, lipsticks/lip balms all in one handy beautiful place :D
Faith Ankle Boots- I've always been a sucker for a good pair of boots, but when I came across these in the Debenhams sale on my birthday, when I was searching for boots just like these, I could not believe my luck. They fitted perfectly, were real leather, and at £37.50 (half price) were cheaper than the non-leather boots I'd seen in River Island. So when I got to the till and they turned out to be £22.50 I REALLY could not believe my luck :D love it when you have those 'meant to be' moments with clothes/shoes/makeup.

Also I have to mention my love for my Black Tied Silver Midi Rings- click here to see my original post on these items- of the 3 items I got from this company, this pair of rings have been by far my favourite. Super comfortable, no fingers turning green, and they just look soooo darn good :D

Onto the beauty.....

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch- this has been super at keeping my lips soft and hydrated whilst giving them a beautiful pink tint, a perfect transitional colour from winter to summer- is it just me or did that rhyme? Plus it smells floopin' delicious!!!!!!!

Urban Decay Naked 3- this has to be the most beautiful palette I have ever owned! It's rose-hued shades are gorgeous and so wearable for everyday. You've got mattes, shimmers, highlighter shades, and those perfect for liner or to create a smokey eye. Makes me want to buy Naked and Naked 2 just to look at their beautifulness... but the MUA dupes shall suffice for now :D And the brush that came with the palette is pretty handy too- can never have too many make up brushes!

Neutral nails- have turned to my nudish shades this month for some reason! Good transitional shades for inbetween the deep winter nail shades to the brighter pastel shades for spring :D I usually get bored of my varnish after a day or two, but loved these more each time I looked at them! The three I wore were Leighton Denny-Whatever, Barry M Gelly- Lychee and Nails Inc- Porchester Square which I'm going to have to buy the full size of as my miniature just won't last :(

Katy Perry Killer Queen EDP- I love this perfume so much!!! So much so I want it to be winter months for longer so I can carry on wearing it. It's definitely a rich winter spicey sweet fragrance. I'm so impressed by it, especially as a celeb perfume. Sad point though... the little extra crowny bit that is on the lid snapped off :( to be honest though I think it looks better without :D could smell like this forever!!! And it lasts all day too. Win, win, win.....

B. Energised Eye Cream- was in my empties, and I foolishly thought that I could live without it..... but my replacement Simple Eye Cream just wasn't doing the job, and soon the dark circles and puffiness appeared.... gratefully it was more than half off in Superdrug so it's back into my morning routine, and Simple is now part of my night routine as it's more moisturising and less energising. For the price I really don't think I am going to find anything that does as good a job or better.... feel free to challenge me though.

I've already got a good idea of what's gonna be in my March favourites!! It's gonna be a good month :D

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