Thursday, 27 February 2014

Avon Haul Brochure 5

Here's my latest order. First up is something far from beauty related:
Tea towel set (2) :D very bright cutlery covered tea towels... that will look stinking cute in our new kitchen.... in our new home.... if we EVER make it!!!!! Patience, patience, patience.... more like long-suffering. They are going to be our 'display' tea towels for drying hands only :D is that weird? I don't care :D May be getting some coasters in the next order too.... showy ones :D to look pretty...

Brow and Lash Comb- just one of those things you need.... especially for £2.50. So far I love it! The brush is sturdy enough to really put those brow hairs in their place. And the other end is useful for the unruly lashes that don't always cooperate with the awesome mascara :D nice and sleek and black too...

Color Trend Wild Things Eye Pencil in Lioness- a gorgeous bronzey brown. Is initially very creamy in texture and blends out and applies like a dream.... but without a primer it creases almost within minutes and fades a lot as the day goes on, which is a shame as it's just so darn beautiful! I'm such a sucker! With a eye primer it does last longer in terms of not fading, but still get a bit of creasing. I just love how easy it is to use though... lazy bones. May be better used as just a liner.... I can hope!


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