Saturday, 8 February 2014

Avon Order Brochure 4

It's that time again! Only got a couple of bargains this time round!

Planet Spa Aromatherapy Candles- have found a new love for candles. Their presence alone calms me :) I couldn't resist these two! Got the uplifting one burning now.... the stress of house buying.....  hehe..... just simple, not too sweet scented candles. They're about the size of a shot glass so will probably not have too long of a burning time, though it seems to be going pretty well at the mo.

Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayon in Risqué Rose- bought this under the temptation of the golden ticket reward (got a code for £50 off a holiday.... typical as we just booked our family holiday a month ago!). I had been wanting to try one of these anyway though as I love lip crayon/pencils for ease of application. Plus the lip pencil I got in the previous order (click here to see blog) was sooooo good I was hopeful for a similar result. It's a bit of a brighter pink than I expected and is very glittery- perhaps a bit too glittery for every day, unless paired with a nude eye. Applied very easy and is long lasting but because of the glitter it's not as smooth and a bit chunky- no way near as smooth and nourishing as my Revlon balm stains one's. Will obviously make use of it, as I do still love this colour :) Definitely more of a lipstick and less of a tinted balm which was what I expected.

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