Thursday, 6 February 2014

Black Tied Jewellery

The last few months I've been wanting to get my hands on some good quality jewellery- you know the kind that doesn't turn your fingers and neck green :D hehe.... I cleared out my old jewellery, with the intention of giving it to charity, but it seems Sally wanted to get her hands on some new jewellery too :D kids love playing with the simplest things.
I came across the brand Black Tied (click on link to see their website) on Twitter and they were kind enough to provide me with a 20% discount code :D so how could I refuse!
I ordered the following.....

Silver handcuffs on silver chain necklace. This was in the sale and I just couldn't resist! Is a physical representation of my love of all things criminal.... sounds dodge but you get me :) plus my dream job is to be a bounty hunter, and as it doesn't seem the laws in this country are going to be changing anytime soon, I'll just have to wear this and dream :) Don't worry Dog and Beth, I'll be over to help soon :D

Gold plated twisted above knuckle midi rings (set of 2) and sterling silver above knuckle midi rings (set of two). I've been wanting to try out midi rings for a while and was very pleased to find these! They're the perfect size for my index and ring finger- can even squeeze the silver ones onto my middle finger. They sit there comfortably and I never fear that they are gonna slip off like I thought they might :D just think they look so cool... and I know it's uncool to say that, but ho-hey!

Overall I just love the simplicity of the jewellery- what you see is what you get :D and they have so many quirky pieces- had to stop myself from getting the infinity necklace, and a couple of pairs of earrings. They are all very fairly priced too, which is always nice! Plus I have the confidence that no body parts will turn green :) will definitely be ordering from them in the future.... now to plant that money tree :)


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