Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nivea Skincare

These three items were going to be featured in my January Favourites but as they are all the same brand and I have quite a bit to say about them I decided they deserved a whole post of their own.

In order from left to right :)

Nivea pure & natural soothing day cream dry/sensitive- this is the perfect cream for my skin. It contains aloe vera (all of these contain it I believe), which really soothes skin. I used to get blotchy and redness, especially after showering and this has combatted that- all three have in fact! Just a nice simple day cream that calms and soothes whilst keeping my skin nicely hydrated. Plus I love the glass jars and it's not strongly scented (all have a nice mild moisturising smell :). It's also not too thick which I appreciate in a day cream.

Nivea daily essentials express hydration primer dry and sensitive skin- this is the first primer I have ever used and am really pleased with it. As I have dry skin a primer isn't too important in terms of my make up not slipping. I bought it more for the purpose of soothing my skin and reducing the redness more so (after the day cream) before applying make up. It works a treat. You need very little for the whole face. I have found it most useful for smoothing my skin and  acting as a protective layer between my skin and the make up, preventing a sensitive reaction to any product. Really like it :D and I have found that my make up has lasted much longer, evidenced by my dirtied cotton pads at the end of a day :D a good primer for me- especially for the price :D

Nivea pure and natural regenerating night cream- I think this is somehow my favourite of the three!!! And that's saying something. This is not designed for any specific skin type, and I feel, is a good all rounder. It's so thick and luxurious without being greasy. Whenever I put it on at night I can hear my skin shouting its thanks :) literally!!!! My skin gets so soft I'm constantly asking Dave to feel it (trying to persuade him to release his metrosexual and start moisturising). My skin also feels plumper and tighter than before (in a good way!), hopefully keeping those wrinkles at bay!

Just love the combination of the three... don't know if I could bring myself to try any alternatives now... any of you guys got some dream products?
P.S all three are around the £5 mark which is also awesome- especially when you get a 3 for 2 deal or any other deal.... I love deals......

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