Sunday, 9 February 2014

Daddy's Girl

Dave would be the first to admit that Sally's my side kick (though it's probably more likely that I'm hers!). From day 1 she's pretty much been attached to me, which I love of course, but Dave's always had to put a bit more effort in to gain her adoration :)
The past few weeks she's been loving chasing him round when he gets in from work, and they love playing in her princess house together (I know what to get Dave for his birthday :). It's so cute to see how much fun she has with him, and he relishes it too! But usually fun is all she sees in him- a giant play mate :D which is pretty awesome in itself. But today she did something that made him super happy! She walked over to him at his computer where he was doing his usual boring computty searchy stuff (oh so technical- he'll be so proud of me) and he sat her next to him on the chair I sit in when we do our COD couple sessions :) she sat there for a good 30 mins just holding her baby and on occasion an Xbox controller watching him just tip tap away on his keyboard. She just sat there so happy to be next to him. I think she secretly wants to be just like him :D but just wants to keep his ego under control :D hehe....
Managed to capture it on camera :D she's just sooooooo cute!!!!!!! Nom, nom, nom!!!!!

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  1. Now that, for any Dad, is just a little bit of heaven on earth. Oh, and very pleased to see Daddy's sore little legs are getting better!
    Pops xxxxx