Thursday, 20 February 2014

High End vs. Drugstore: Eyeshadow Primers

Comparison time! Having been the sole user of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original, I took it upon myself to find a cheaper drugstore alternative, with the hopes of it being as floopin' awesome! Here are my findings.... (nerdy glasses on ;)

The alternative I decided to purchase was Soap and Glory It's About Prime in the shade Bright Light. There is also a darker shade suitable for darker skin tones or if you want to have a smokier base. My expectations were high as there has been a lot of hype about various Soap and Glory products, and initially the packaging, name and price had me excited (retails at £8, though there is nearly always a deal going on with S&G products at Boots like 3 for 2). But... then I discovered that although the full size UD primer is £16 (double!!!), their travel size which I reckon by eye contains a similar amount to that of S&G is also £8!!! Further info... the travel size contains 6ml of product, the full size 11ml.... so you get more for your money by buying the smaller product!!! A whole new but likeable concept, especially as I don't see the need to by the big product as it will probably go bad by the time you use it all up!!! DEAL!!!
As you can see from the swatch UD is matter and blends in perfectly, matching my skin tone, and works well under any shadow. S&G is much lighter, the brightening part of it really clear to me! Fine if you're wanting a shimmery eye, but not so great when you want a more matte eye, or something more subtle. It is also much wetter in texture, and you have to wait 30 seconds for it to set. To be honest it's pretty scary when you first put it on, but is workable in the end.
UD is pretty much ready to rock and roll straight away which is good if you're impatient or in a rush (like me!). UD is creamier and much less messy- you can't really go wrong. It is also available in other shades (which I have samples of to try in the future!!!) and one which is also anti-aging. This is the trial size and has lasted forever.  I much prefer being able to apply it straight with my finger with the UD than with the applicator in S&G's as I feel you can control the amount you use and the application better. Also think it's more hygienic in a way, plus the squishy tube assures me I'm gonna make use of every drop (and a teeny drop is literally all you need per eye). This tube has literally lasted forever, and I'm pretty sure I'll end up frustrated with the S&G and just throw it across the room in annoyance of trying to get all the dregs- don't worry I only do it with make-up, not humans :D

Let's get to the real nitty gritty though especially as it works out they retail at basically the same price- which makes your eyeshadow last the longest with the least creasing?
We have an easy winner!!! Without a doubt Urban Decay is flawless! Holds my shadow ALL DAY! Whether I'm wearing very little on the eye, or layer upon layer, it does not crease and stays vibrant in colour. Soap & Glory starts promising, but when I come to take off my make up (even if I've only had it on half a day) there is a definite crease in the crease. It's not hugely noticeable, but still frustrating. If you go to the trouble of using an eye primer you want it to do a darn good job. At the minute Urban Decay's the one for me! I can literally find no fault in it especially as it's not got the usual high end price. But if you know a good drugstore alternative tell me... tell me!!! I've heard L'Oreal do a good one but nowhere in the UK seems to stock it... if it even exists... maybe I've been fooled!

High End WINS!!!!

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