Monday, 3 February 2014

January Favourites

Hey hey!
So that blogging break... yeah... seems it's gonna be a couple more weeks till we can move.... disappointing but ta-da I'm here!
Here are my beauty-ish favourites for the month!

First is this Boots No.25 Home Fragrance candle, in mulled wine and cinnamon. It was the perfect post-Christmas scent! Not too strong either, and very relaxing! Only downside was that it didn't last as long as I'd hoped as the wick went all silly at the bottom. But going to burn my tea lights in the beautiful glass holder to get what I can of the left wax, and just because the jar is too beautiful to throw out. A wonderful present from a wonderful sister (she's the bestest at picking out presents!). There's a whole load of other scents in the collection too :) this one was a limited edition for Christmas time methinks.

Avon Foot Works XXL glycerine and cocoa butter deep moisture cream. I have always been a fan of Avon foot creams- no one else seems to have as good a range as them. I got this one for a bargain in some brochure at some point (like most of my Avon purchases :). I hadn't been using a foot cream for a while just out of laziness, but so glad I turned to this one! Immediately softened my dry feet! And it isn't greasy (so you don't feel like you're going to pick up all the carpet fluff with your bare feet!), nor does it have a funky smell (so you don't mind it getting on your hands :).

MUA Ever After Matte Palette. I got this just before Christmas and have used it for pretty much the entirety of this month. There is nothing I can say bad about it. A lovely range of matte colours suitable for every day or smokey night ;) love using them with a slick black winged liner and a deep red/purple lip. Perfect for winter. A must have for every make up lover and user. All pigmented and wearable- especially for £4!!!!!

In order, top to bottom...
Real Techniques duo-fibre eye brush. I got the limited edition duo-fibre set from my sister for Christmas (said she's the greatest present buyer), and I don't know how I ever lived without this one! Use it for blending my eye shadow but also for using a bit of bronzer to contour my crease. Does the best job as it's tapered and doesn't pick up too much product! Just love it.... these Pixiwoo sisters are pure genius....

Real Techniques pixel-point eyeliner brush- and that's why they have a second brush featured in my favourites. Over Christmas whilst at my mum and dad's I lost my brow brush from this collection :( it's still missing (sadtimes). So I wondered what on earth I was going to use to fill in my brows! Then I'd thought I'd give this brush a go. To be honest it has never really been a brush I've used before- always found it a bit thick for liner- but I decided to see how well it would do my brows. And it's AMAZING! Dare I say even better than my brow brush (not that I wouldn't like to see it's safe return if you find it lonely somewhere... someone... anyone!!!!). It's so precise and just really good :D

Benefit brush. Yes okay... another brush! This I've had for ages- came in a Benefit Primpcess little travelset my sister got me (yes okay my sister AGAIN! You totally need to become her best friend :). It's a diddy double ended brush. One side fluff shadow the other called 'talent brush' designed for liner. And the liner side is just awesome!!! The perfect companion to when you're using shadow to line which I do a lot. The bristles keep firm to their shape. And because it's so small you have really good control. The shadow side's pretty handy too as a general blendy brush, or I like to use it when highlighting my brow bone. "It's sooooo fluffy I could die!!!" (Name that movie :D)

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter- 080 Strawberry Shortcake. Okay I really didn't know that like all of my favourites would be gifts from my sister but this is another one! She just has such good taste!!! Wanted one of these so bad, and this shade is gorgeous! Can keep it quite sheer, or build it up for a more noticeable baby pink lip. If you follow me on twitter you'll know how I love my baby pink lip in winter :D especially with steely grey/blue on the eyes :D screams snow queen and all things frosty... but in a glamourous way of course :D so nourishing and all in all a simple easy to use, no disappointments lip product... good job sister Rella got me another shade for my birthday then ;) ;) #bestsisterever
P.S the packaging is just so darn cute! Much like my sister ;)

Last one I promise! Seche Vite dry fast top coat. This is one of those products beauty gurus (and my sister :D) rave about. So I decided to take the plunge- it is cheaper after all than the Nails Inc Kensington Top Coat which is also a quick dryer and had been my favourite until this beauty :D My varnish has seriously lasted so much longer using this. The varnish dries super quick and you're left with a gorgeous shine and plumpness to the nails that is somewhat gel-like. And it seems to be lasting much longer than my nails inc one :D and doesn't have any colour to it at all- which is good when you like to use pale varnishes :D

In other areas I've been LOVING....
  • Frozen (the Disney movie). The songs are IMMENSE! Especially 'Let It Go'. Sally loves all the little clips on youtube... she loves swaying and singing along :D
  • Law and Order SVU (Special Victims Unit) - got series 2 and 3 for Christmas, and already half way through season 3 :) brings the criminologist out of me :D
  • Sherlock- who didn't love the latest series. GENIUS!
  • Grey's Anatomy- unexpectedly discovered the latest series had started on Sky Living :D pure awesomeness....
  • Silent Witness- this latest series has been superb- more unrealistic in terms of the involvement of the team but makes such good tv... I love tv.... don't judge ;)
  • MY SISTER!!!!! :D
What have you loved this month?

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