Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Our Aldi Experience!

Last week a new Aldi store opened in our town. Safe to say I was pretty excited to go check out what all the adverts are about! Gone are the days of my childhood when, ashamedly, the kids whose parents shopped at Aldi were teased and shunned. What's the deal with kids??? A supermarket's a supermarket! We're a cruel species....anyways...

It was rather busy when we decided to venture over Saturday morning, but I'm not easily put off.... it's shopping in the end :D everyone just needs to take a few chill pills before doing their shop, some right stressy peeps around!!!! I was ready to rumble!!!!
So here's my pros and cons from my first shop.....

  • Can get some SUPER bargains.... for example pack of blueberries for 69p (normally £2 elsewhere unless you get them reduced!), and 1kg of chicken breast for just over £6.
  • They have random bits of bobs at awesome prices from week to week- Dave was pretty chuffed with some of the 'manly' tools stuff he came across... and bought....
  • Because they have far fewer branded products you have very little choice, so you're not stood for half an hour scanning the shelves trying to work out the best deal.
  • It's fun trying new things!
  • Need a £1 coin for the trollies.... for some reason this always annoys me! Though I understand why, and I can't lie, it's nice not to have random trollies around the car park, moving in the wind... so perhaps a positive for some.
  • Some things aren't much cheaper- e.g. canned veg etc.
  • They have this weird way of packing- they scan everything super quick then put it straight back into your trolley, where you could have all your bags lovingly prepared to receive your goods. If not there's a shelf where you can pack it all.... just found it a bit odd. Perhaps will get used to it, but I know that this probably puts people off.
  • The car park at our one isn't set up very well- they need an exit somewhere else than the entrance.....
All in all I will most likely continue doing my BIG monthly shops at Tesco online, but will definitely venture over to Aldi once a week or so to snap up those bargains that really can't be missed! Like seriously 69p for a big bag of Braeburn apples!!!! And I'm one for saving every penny :D

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