Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Natural Collection Make-Up Review

A few weeks back now I was on the hunt for a good loose powder. The Accessorize powder I had been using was cakey and drying on the skin, and I had heard how loose powder was always the better option. So I searched reviews on Boots and Superdrug and that's when I came across the awesome 3 for £5 deal at Boots on Natural Collection. And their loose powder (as well as many of their products) had high starring reviews.... so I caved! Thought it would be well worth doing a review on the 3 products I managed to decide on (can't guarantee I won't be purchasing more:) as I didn't have particularly high expectations of the products given they were so cheap! Here are my findings.... (GCSE Science would be proud, just need an 'equipment used' list, though I guess the products themselves count as that!).

Let's start with the main culprit of this little spend- Loose Powder in Cool Translucent. The packaging (as can be said for all 3) is on the cheap, plasticky side of things, but for the lone price of £1.99 I didn't expect anything more. I guess it's kinda sleek and simple in a way though. As a loose powder it's not exactly ideal for application on the go- but when do I do that??? Uh... never.. face wise anyway... so that doesn't bother me. I just use it to set my concealer and foundation just so things feel less slippyish... and to get rid of a bit of shine. And it does that for me :D and it doesn't cake! Wahoo!!! I'm sure there are better powders out there, but for the price I definitely think not. It also comes in tones from warm to neutral to cool which is pretty handy :D just a good staple powder. No fuss, but nothing too special!

LashCurl Mascara in Brown/Black. This had lots of good reviews online- like most of their mascaras. I chose this one because my lashes aren't particularly curly and I just wanted to test it! At first I thought it was naff as it seemed really wet and just a paint for the lashes than actually doing anything. The brush ain't too pretty neither me loves. But then I gave it another go. See for yourselves:
Now I'm very impressed with it! Adds length, but really love how much it curls them! Really opens up my eyes. The hold lasts all day too, and I've not had any smudging and the like. Only real downfall is it's initial wetness and a bit of clumping, but nothing different from other much more expensive mascaras. Think it's going to replace my Avon one for everyday use, as it is also good when I'm wearing specs, as curl is better than length, otherwise your lashes catch the lenses- all you fellow specs wearers I salute you and myself in our eye make up successes and fails. It's the definition of a bargain find!!!

Blushed Cheeks in Pink Cloud. This had the most positive reviews of all their products... I think anyway.... don't quote me on that! It's a good size blush pot, and the powder is surprisingly pigmented and somewhat creamy in texture... whilst still being a powder... clever, I know :D It's the perfect baby pinky colour, and I love it- even more so because it isn't shimmery like lots of blushers. The pay off on the cheeks is impressive too, and lasts. With many of my other blushers, including my new Sleek Pink Lemonade trio, I underestimate how much I need to work my brush into the product- but this I don't. I literally cannot believe how good it is for the price.... and all the shades are kinda simple day wear. Seriously you need to try them. Think this is my favourite of the three simply because there's no faults with it at all.

For sure go check out their stuff in Boots! You'll be pleasantly surprised as was I. Some of their eyeshadows- especially their matte neutral colours- are gorgeous. But I must contain my inner spender, so go.... go my young ones.... go spend on my behalf.... and totally hold me accountable :D

Love, love, love...

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  1. I have their eyeshadow in chocolate and Heather and I much prefer them to my clinique ones!