Monday, 10 February 2014

New hair!

Yep, I got the snip :D my hair's been in desperate need of at least a trim for a while, and I've been sick of just shoving it up in a messy bun to make it at all presentable!
So I got it all chopped off again on Saturday :D for some reason I always forget how much I love having a full fringe AND shorter hair :) so I did the double wammy!
Here's the result!!!

Got it done at Toni & Guy, bit pricier but I had an awesome discount and you know it's reliable! Plus the extra treatment they give when washing your hair is super magical! I literally could have fell asleep at the sink (and it doesn't give you a stiff and sore neck). Really love the result! Excited to see how it goes naturally! Gonna defo try and keep my fringe trimmed rather than let it go unruly!
I now feel so daring with my new head of hair! Watch out world, hear I come!!! BBxx

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