Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Awakenings of a Power Cut

Dave woke me up this morning to tell me we had no electricity- OH WHAT JOY- I thought... in a most sarcastic tone of course... Firstly we were in a bit of a panic, as we thought our electricity may have been turned off due to not paying a bill- as the silly NPower peeps keep sending letters to the previous owner even though we've contacted them *angry face!!!*.. However we soon discovered the power was gone to the whole street... So whilst the work men worked away (were LOTS of white vans- Dave was very pleased to see an ACTUAL engineer- not one of these silly technicians that call themselves engineers when they've not studied engineering- sensitive subject with Pippin- I shall just warn you hehe), so yes whilst they worked away for around 5 hours, these are the most momentous things I realised whilst in darkness (in a sense :)...
  1. Never attempt to use the microwave to make yummy porridge for breakfast- the utter devastation and the realisation of your own stupidity is not worth it! Just eat Cheerios :)
  2. When getting anything out of the freezer or fridge get it out super duper fast :) don't let the coldness escape!!
  3. You realise (well I did)... just how much you love food- I was very concerned for our stocked up ickle freezer!! 
  4. It's handy to have a gas cooker :) so you can still have a yummy hot dinner- we had jacket potatoes with cheese, tuna and sweetcorn, and a yummy green salad. DELISH!! Just make sure you have some matches!!
  5. I was grateful for having lots of candles- even though we didn't need them it was nice to know they were there hehe...
  6. You appreciate being able to go to the loo in the light!! Trust me!! Well especially if your toilet, and bathroom don't have windows in them.
  7. You continue to turn light switches on even though you know they won't work.
  8. There's a great appreciation for a good old telephone with a wire :) means you can still call your mummy and make sure there isn't anything you need to do to rescue the food!! 
  9. Always have a good book! Davey Babes and I spent most of the morning/afternoon reading- and boy was it enjoyable :) Nothing beats a good ready read for a couple of hours!
  10. You realise your addiction to facebook.. and all things internety... *hangs head in shame*
  11. You wish you had a wind up radio!
  12. And finally... once the power is back on, you realise you didn't really miss that much... I was kinda relaxing/napping when Dave gave me the tap to say the lights were on... and I just went back to sleep!! :)
So all in all.... I quite like powercuts :) Not that I'm praying for more or anything like that! It's just nice to know you can survive!! :D

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