Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Sunday that scones would be proud of...

This morning I woke up early... too early :(

Because I knew the clocks were going forward, I moved my phone one hour ahead last night, and set the alarm for 8.15 (well 8.13 to be exact- always has to be a random number- can never end in 5 or 0- and yes I am a weirdo- I already know!). Thus when I was awoken this morning by my alarm, and was feeling rather sicky (morning sickness- not the pregnancy type- but the result of not enough sleep), and could hear no birds or nought outside, I thought I better go check the house clock... and ta da!! It was 7.13, so actually 6.13 for my body- which is just simply unheard of!!

So I waddled back to bed, trying to keep my eyes as closed as possible (so as to trick my body into thinking I was already asleep :), and sorted my phone out and set another alarm.... But very very sadly and frustratingly, I could not get back to sleep. I couldn't even do my theory of counting to 60 (shall tell you my sleeping theory another day :) which was very unnerving... This of course made me feel even iller.... *awwwww poor Bethy*.... So when my alarm finally went off at the right time, I quite literally could not be bothered! I was contemplating pulling a sicky from church (I was genuinely not feeling well), but all I could hear in the back of my head was my dear mama saying... "See how you feel after you've had a shower".... plus I was really excited to wear my awesome outfit I had planned out :D (prideful I know... my clothes being prideful I mean!).

So I had a shower, and all was right in the world once again- this was helped by a double decker choccy bar for breakfast :D YUM YUM!! And I was blessed very much by a most wondiferous Sunday! The primary kids were AWESOME!! Like I would have been happy to take every one of them home with me today :)

These blessings continued on the return home :) watched the first disc of LOTR Fellowship of the Ring (so that I would fall asleep- the perfect part of a napping Sunday!). And then had a most delicous slow cooked sausage caserole with roasties, green beans, carrots and our left over defrosted yorkshires :) YUM YUM!!

ANDDDDD!!!! To top it off... because I was feeling grub gloomy due to lackage of any yummy scrummy desert... I decided to go recipe book hunting... and made some scones!!! YEP!!! I MADE SCONES!!! Well duh! They don't need eggs :D hehe.... after a slight hiccup in realising I put 50g excess flour in.. everything else went very well :) and they turned out much better than expected (well it is me :)... so I think Davey Babes and I will be munching our way through these over the next few days! Here they are!! (a bit brown and stubby I know... but still very good since I haven't made scones since like year 7!!).
Stupid mobile phone uploaded it stupidly >:(... but anyways... you get the picture!! The only thing missing was some cornish clotted cream...mmmmhmm :D But shall have to wait for that till summer!! WOOP WOOP!! Ha! I just called Shell to tell her how motherly and wifey I am in making scones 9pm at night :)

Well I'm off for a scone :) by the way... that's scone as in "gone" not scone as in "phone" (freaks!!!!)

LOVE YOUDLES!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

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