Friday, 18 March 2011

It's My Life

And boy is my life amazing! And I feel somewhat humbled... all thanks to Comic Relief.

I always forget how Comic Relief, never brings me to tears of laughter, but to tears of sadness, and selfishness. This happened tonight. I was having a fun little night with Davey Baby- sent him out to buy some chocolate supplies and two red noses to show my support :) As you can see below...
Then I was just watching the Comic Relief-to be honest I was just waiting to see Take That-yeh baby!!! And then one of those clips came on... and I realised- I need to donate money... so I went online and donated... then Dave Tenant came on with another clip, showing kids in a hospital waiting for treatment for malaria- a completely preventable disease. There were just queues and queues of mothers with their children outside the hospital- just waiting for any hope possible. Watching this and Dave Tenants emotional response, really got me thinking. Then he pointed to us and said that he couldn't believe there are people who watch comic relief and don't donate-that person could have been me- and I really hope it's not you. After that clip, Adele sang 'Someone Like You', and I pretty much just burst into tears. For those of you that know me well, I'm very good at hiding my emotions.. but I could not help it. All I thought was how stupid and ungrateful I am, thinking that my life is tough because we don't have a car. But these people, and so many other people in the UK and else where, don't have homes, access to adequate healthcare, and there are still children who are living the first- and often last few years of life- suffering from malnutrition. So today I'm glad to say that I've provided money for two mosquito nets that cut the chance of getting malaria by 50%- and the feeling of knowing I may be saving someone's life, is far far far greater than the feeling of getting a car. I just hope this perspective on life sticks around- not just in me, but in a whole host of people. I can do so much more, even if it's just helping those around me...

So here's to a comic relief that was not so comical, but soooooo much more appreciated than ever before! What are you gonna do? :)

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  1. Hey cus.. just came on to see those funky red noses... came along way since the days I wore them when they were a thin piece of plastic.