Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Guilty Pleasures...

I have decided to let you in on one of my many guilty pleasure- Bridal Plasty...
You may be thinking...what the heck is this?? And rightly so as I had never heard of it till I came across it in my far too often channel flicking one Tuesday night.... At first I HATED it... but like any guilty pleasure, my love grew and grew... into a slightly obsessive interest... What's even worse is that the same thing has happened to hubby :) hehe :) He gets into tv programmes a wee bit too much- like he expresses his dissatisfaction with the various characters/peeps, loudly and clearly- it's quite hilarious really!!

So back to the brilliance of Bridal Plasty. Like the greatest and most dramatic of tv programmes- it is all american :) It is basically a competition for a wedding- not just ANY wedding but like a major celebrity worthy wedding. Each week they have various challenges with regards to the wedding day- like the cake, flowers and of course the dress, and each week one person is voted off. BUT... this is not it!!! As part of the celebrity package, each person who wins the challenges gets a plastic surgery of their choice- there and then!! NOT KIDDING!! Is CRAZY!! Like these women want to change their bodies SOOOOO much and half of them are half the size of me!!! INSANE!! But I think this is part of the reason why I LOVE IT!! Seeing all these psycho brides to be, fighting for surgery- then seeing them in A LOT of pain... rather satisfying methinks- so grateful for being a somewhat regular woman...well in comparison to these ladies at least!

Anyways..just thought I'd introduce you to the madness :) (btw Sky Living, 10pm Tuesdays :)
Oh and the challenge tonight was about bouquets.. so I want to show you mine- I LOVED THEM!! And guess what... my daddy put them together :) he's so clever!! (Love you Florence... and Shell of course!!)

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