Friday, 11 March 2011

I've had the time of my life...

Today I am having a day of mixed emotions!! (By the way I think I am on the mend cold and flu-ie wise). I guess I'll start with the occurrences of very late last night...or very early this morning... let's just say after midnight!!

Around this time, I came to the realisation that it was officially 6 months since Dave and I got hitched :) man time really does flyyyyyyyy!!! So I decided to be all cheesy (Pippin is more of the cheesehead if I'm honest), and I put on Bruno Mars' "Marry You" (btw I LOVE Bruno Mars' album!), and we danced our way through it. It's safe to say that I was pretty dead after that- had no energy all day, and that was pretty much all the movement I did all day!! So we went to bed feeling all cheesy and happy!

These past 6 months really have been AMAZING!! Marriage is totally my thing- and I think Davey Babes fits in with it all rather well too...ha.. he just peeked over my shoulder and saw me writing this and did a cute clappy thing (yep Pippin can be cute..he like's to put it on :) and said that reading my blog is his favourite thing to do! See how AWESOME he is!! So to be cheesy once more, I thought I better upload one of our AMAZING wedding pics by awesome Tom Arber..... ta daaaa.....
This is Dave's favourite- he thinks it's "shexxxxy"...hehe...

Anyways.. if there's one thing I've learned today, and in the past few weeks, that is that I am soooooo grateful to know that I can be with my amazing David Patrick for all eternity, and that death is definitely not the end of our relationship with each other, and also with our amazing families. I have felt this so strongly mainly due to two sad happenings, that kinda shocked me in a way.

The first was related to an old friend of mine from my "home" stake (area). She is married to a lovely young man in the air force. I was already so impressed with her- I really don't know how I'd manage to be away from my hubby for so long, and be so constant and brave even though I may not know where and how he is doing. She (and her sister) are truly examples of strong wives to me- even though their only in their 20s like me. This beautiful young woman's husband was on the bus in Germany where a man came on the bus and started shooting, killing two of the airmen (was in the news). I cannot even begin to imagine what was going through her mind when the news reached home that her husband may be in danger. Immediately my prayers went out to her and those involved. Thankfully, her husband was not hurt. But one of the young men who passed on, was a 25yr old member of the church, who left a young wife and 2 young children. You always see such sad and terrible things on the news, but I often feel so detached from it. But this time, I could not escape it. I admire these wives and husbands, men and women sooo much. Thank you.

The second only really came to my view this morning- the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The first thought that came to me when I saw this was another beautiful old friend of mine. Her boyfriend is serving his mission for the church in Tokyo, and my heart went out to her, and his family. So of course fb was the first place to go- and again, thankfully, he, and all other missionaries were safe.

The world's becoming a scary place... I shouldn't really be surprised as I know it's going to get worse before it gets better... but it kinda makes you realise what is really important in your life. My husband is my number 1- and it is such a relief to know that whatever tragedy befalls us here on earth, we will be with each other in happiness in the next. So all I ask for now is a bit of courage and calmness, to get through any hard days that may be coming... and I wish the same for all of you too!

Now to cheer this blog up a bit, I wish to share a wee gem with you... I have the odd song, that in it's entirety I can't stand, but there's always that one bit that gets you boosted with all sorts of lovely goodness!! So here's to Black Eyed Peas 'The Time (Dirty Bit).
My magic moment occurs between 50sec and 1min 15, and then is repeated throughout :) the rest of the song I couldn't really care for!!

So here's to love, laughter, marriage, and having the time of our lives :D
(here endeth the cheese) xx

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  1. Bethy we'll meet up soon and have some times of our lives. It will be wonderful. By the way, thank you for all of your blob comments. It encourages me so much, because most of the time I feel like no-one is even reading it. MWAH! x