Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Get it right!!!

So as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, lots of people get the wrong idea! This misunderstanding has occured throughout my life! Luckily I knew what was black and white- and I had good friends who knew this too! Here are some examples of mix ups....
  1. You can't kiss anyone till your married (said to me by a girl in my year during a P.E lesson when I was like 13).
  2. That me keeping the Law of Chastity meant I wore a chastity belt (perhaps my favourite!)
  3. Having an amazing English teacher asking me if I was ok doing my media coursework on the Sixth Sense, or if I wanted her to give me something else- as she didn't know if I was allowed to watch things with ghosts in... bless her :) 
  4. The good ol' Polygamy problem in a piece of psychology homework. This time I didn't have to explain the difference between us and Fundamentals, as a good friend of mine already explained this in a previous class- which made me very happy :D
So as you could understand, I was greatly surprised and pleased to see the latest episode of Bones (my favouritist EVER!!) where a man was married to 3 sisters, and had 11 kids (only one go to option hehe..), Sweets (the psychologist) clearly explained how they weren't Mormons, as we stopped praticing polygamy ages ago! Made my day!! Now I love Bones even more- if that's even possible! I want Booth and Brennan to live with me :) FOR SHO!!

So here's to getting it right!!! And not having to feel like you have to defend yourself against the mass media :D
Thanks Booth, Brennan, Sweets, Cam, Hodgins and Angela :) You make my life that much easier!

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