Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mr and Mrs Patrick's Day :)

We have decided that this day belongs to us.. what's the point of having a last name if you can't use it for your own benefit! So sing praises and shower us with gifts :) Okay, you don't need to go that far- though it would be thoroughly appreciated!

To be honest I completely forgot it was even St. Patricks day- what kinda brit am I?? I realised once I went to institute and heard the wonderful YSA demonstrating their fairly adequate Irish accents.. So I am going to totally claim that Dave and I celebrated this splediferous day with a yummy meal. The meal was AMAZING!! Although it twas planned before the day began...

Anyways... I am just blabbing now... trying to create some big build up to of scrummy dinner.... *insert dramatic music here*.... we made homemade meatball subs!!! WAS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Yep, definitely deserved everyone of those o's. Here's a piccy wicky of the amazingness!! (And yes most of my life- and hence this blog-revolves around food...hmmm I think I shall have a hot chocolate in a bit :)
Ok, it looked WAY better in person...and tasted EVEN better than it looked!!! Though, I think I filled mine a wee bit too much, making it rather messy and difficult to eat- but I still cleared the plate! Will defo be doing this again!!!

Oooooo hubby just asked if I wanted anything- so he's in the kitchen making me a hot choccy!! :)

So there's a dedication to St. Patrick's day :) Plus this gorge pic of me and Pippin, on holiday with the fam in sunny cornwall last summer!! (Love it because I look pretty and I ain't even got make up on, which is always very nice :) So happy Patrick's day..or whatever :) hehe...
Lots of Love

The Patrick Pair!!
p.s.. I did a trial run of door knocking- but 8 out of 10 of the doors I knocked were out... and I had one 'no thank you'.. and one 'yes please'. So will be attempting this again Saturday :)

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