Monday, 14 March 2011

I do like Mondays..

From what I can always remember Mondays have always been like trying to walk backwards with your eyes closed, in heels up a very steep uneven hill- unbalanced, difficult, and a bit too much like exercise (which is never enjoyable in my books!!). I have a feeling that a few people would agree with me on this! Therefore, I LOVE the following song... man it reminds me of travels in the car with ma and pa and their old school music :)
But I had a realisation, that I DO LIKE MONDAYS!!! SHOCK HORROR!!! :D Well at least this wonderful Monday... so here are my marvellous Monday moments!!

  • I realised that I can still play the piano- I quite literally haven't played the piano- like properly in AAAGEEEES!! It truly sucks, and thus I hadn't really thought about the pleasure of playing the piano, and kinda forgot that I could play the instrument at all... That was until I was watching a TV advert, and Adele's 'Someone Like You' was playing in the background, and I thought how pretty the piano was, and then abra ka dabra!! I was like... I COULD PLAY THAT BECAUSE I PLAY THE PIANO!!! Sounds slightly crazy- but believe me, it was like being given a second chance on life- although this now makes me really want a piano :( may have to hijack the Institute building's piano tomorrow :D ooooo I'm excited..
  • I only had 1 hour of lectures- at 2pm :D which meant a most wonderful lie in :) and being able to watch Gilmore Girls in my pjs, while eating a bowl of frostie's just relaxing- believe me this was AMAZING!!
  • Got to listen to the awesome Bruno Mars album as I walked to uni- and I didn't need to take my inhaler :D :D :D 
  • Did a wee exchange at Primark and got some beaut new chinos :) love love love- perfect for spring/summer :) 
  • McD's for lunch :) 
  • Getting EVEN MORE STUDENT MONEY!!! WOOP DE BLOOMING WOOP!! This means a car may well be on its way- yes that's right, a REAL ACTUAL DRIVABLE CAR!!! AHHHHHH!!! 
  • Watching the Monday amazing night tv :) specifically ANTM :D :D and Glee- what's even better is that it's a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!! And then there's gonna be Britains Best Hairdresser, or whatever it be called :)
  • Our wedding album is soon to be on its way :) 
  • Had a HILARIOUS telephone call with my dad- he was feeding me liquorice alsorts over the phone- I tell you something- I think Shell and Florence are going crazy in each others company- all I can say is that it is a very good job they don't drink- they defo don't need any encouragement :) hehe. Oh how I love them!!
  • All in all... I am SUPER DE DUPERLY BLESSED!! I will be saying lots of gratefuls in my prayers tonight.. and I hope you will too!
So here's to a Monday that was practically perfect in every way :)

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