Friday, 25 March 2011!!

So as you wonderful peeps know, Davey Babes and I have been car hunting... this alone is very tiring, but then when I decided to start checking insurance too, well it just made it that bit tougher!

However, I was happily surprised, when commencing with the marlarky to compare insurance prices for various cars, the average was about £950 a year- which to me seemed pretty darn good (this is me, with my mum on as an added driver). So car hunting got a bit more exciting, and we were considering more efficient and hence newer used cars...

But.. as per usual.. all good things (well with regards to my driving and car experiences) come to an end.

Today I was searching again, using EXACTLY the same details, and insurance prices (including cars already looked at) went up to the £2000 mark :( not pleasing unto me!! And for a very long time made me very confused- which is exactly what the website promises not to happen... very very sadtimes!! So somewhere along the lines something must have gone wrong :(

This shall not stop us from buying a car though!! Just means I shall be working hard with Avon over the summer, and we'll starting praying EVEN harder for Davey Baby to find a good mech eng. job! (Fingers, legs, toes crossed- well at least me legs are at the moment!).

So I decided to cheer myself up by sharing my woes with the car experts (ma and pa), ate some chocolate ice cream (always useful), and am now chilaxing watching Criminal Minds- always makes your life seem much calmer :) I would LOVE to be a criminal profiler- not out of the realms I guess, as all the characters on the show go on about having a criminology degree :) Could get a bit depressing though... anyways.. I'm waffling now- kinda proves I'm relaxed though methinks!

So here's to hoping for a most wonderful weekend!!

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