Monday, 28 March 2011

Bad Wife...Spoilt Wife

I am a bit of both today :) In the most happy of ways of course!

So... as has been done a couple of times in my short but blissful married life... I have sent the Mr. down the road to Sainsbury's to stock up on some cakey/chocolatey/sweetie goodness...and yes... at 9.30 at night :) hehe (Sainsbury's stays open just for me :D)

When I suggest such trips to hubby, I always feel slightly guilty, because I always have no intention of walking with him- just reaping the rewards :D hehe... But he always accepts the challenge very willingly... which makes me feel even more guilty....

So yes I am now waiting for him to return from the adventure (I always get really worried when he goes out by himself in the dark.... ooooooo I hear the door :) WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP!! Right lets check out what he got today!!!!

1. 2 packs of strawberry laces :)
2. Teeth and Lips :)
3. Pack of 4 flakes :)
4. Werther's Originals (haven't had these for aaaaaaaggggeeees...good choice hubby!!)
5. Galaxy Counters
6. A big bar of Aero Mint :D

So I don't know about you... but I'm gonna wallow in my guiltiness, evilness and spoiltness!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! :D


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  1. Sounds like me as well love! Id always say to Mark - MARRRRRKKK can ou go to the shop and get me some choc and crispyyyy pleaseee and he would always get me some...the shop was just scross the road but still he had to walk up a bit of a hill...I too felt like a bad wife.