Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Oh Avon... how I love thee!!

For those of you that don't know... I am an Avon Lady :) and BOY am I proud of it!! Only been doing it the past couple of months, but I have already found that whenever I see other cosmetic adverts on tv I get very frustrated.. firstly because I truly believe Avon has some of the best stuff out there at awesome prices.. and secondly THEY'RE STEALING MY SALES!!! Hehe ;)

So, this past order I decided to treat myself to a couple of make up bits and bobs.... and GIDDY AUNT!! I am not even kidding!! It's floopin' AMAZING!! So here is my loot from the delivery today (and another thing, I get SUPER excited about the deliveries- it really is like Christmas :)
Apologies for the poor quality pic! So here we have an all over face brush, an angled blush brush, Colordisiac lipstick in satin sheets= BRIGHT PINK :) and ideal shade minerals foundation in 'shell'.

The first thing to shock you from this is the choice of a bright pink lipstick :) well to be honest I'm bored of boring make up :) well lips... and this lipstick not only last ages, pops, and makes my teeth look really white (always a bonus!!), but it is also scented with aphrodisiac scents :) so I have to fight Davey Baby off hehe....just kidding ;) don't want you to feel too uncomfortable reading this. This lipstick doesn't come out till brochure 8 (currently on 7), but as a representative I get to buy demos to try them out and talk endlessly about them to my customers (so today it's you lucky few.. whoever you are!! hehe).

The second thing that may surprise you from the selection (for those of you that know my make up habits), is that I have foundation!! I have NEVER worn foundation in my life- concealer here and there is as far as I go usually. This is because I'd convinced myself that wearing foundation would give me really bad skin, and spots- and to be honest, I love my skin.. This fear was probably not helped by all the orange girls at school who had pretty darn bad complexions... However, in becoming an Avon Lady (thinking of actually calling myself Lady Avon :) hehe) I decided that I would buy some simple powder just to even up my skin tone a wee bit- and I guess just as an experiment (as Avon has a 90 day money back guarantee on all products, so if it didn't work..bye bye- and yep this is me selling avon to you :) hehe... ANYWAYS!!! So I tried it today- with the all over face brush (which by itself is IMPRESSIVE due to its absolute utter softness..maybe I should carry it round brushing it on people's faces just to show how awesome it is!).. so yep.. tried it... and floopin' Nora... I could not believe how amazing it looked, and just how little I needed to put on to make my skin look that bit more flawless I guess... and it was so light... and well, it's safe to say this is DEFO a keeper!! :)

Lastly the blush brush- I was supposed to be getting a blush duo (soon to be in brochure 8 too), but it was out of stock for the mo, so they're gonna get it to me when they can! Sooo I had to use this even softer brush (yes that's right I said EVEN SOFTER) with some blusher I had in a wee compact make up set that I have (the brand shall not be named..hehe). And again.. I could not believe the results. The angle of the brush made it EASY PEASY to put on the blusher in the places where I wanted, and it helps to define cheek bones perfectly!! Usually, with somewhat regular (i.e not Avon :) brushes, the blush all just clumps in one area of the cheek, and you end up looking like you're either embarrassed, or you've just got in from the cold after a brisk walk- both of which are looks I do not particularly desire!!

So here's to a flawless, Reese Witherspoon like face (she is the face of Avon just incase you are wondering!!).

Oh!! And also another fab purchase- nothing to do with make up whatsoever- but still Avon :).. my thigh shaper :) - it can also be used for arms :)
For someone who hates exercise, this seems like a somewhat child friendly way to get me going- well at least tone me up a wee bit! Added bonus- unlike most exercise, I don't need to take my inhaler after using it, AND you can use it while sitting on the sofa watching tv!! Now that's what I call exercise :) LOVE IT!! And I will continue to love it as long as it doesn't cause me any unwanted aches- though as my mother the exercise junkie would say- 'Pain means it's working'. So we'll see how long it lasts hey?!

Tomorrow I am going to be brave and try handing out brochures door to door in our area!! Wish me luck- not a fan of the whole talking to strangers shabackle!! But hopefully Heavenly Father will give me courage- may even get a few missionary opportunities on the way!! Fingers crossed!! I'm sure I'll let you know how it goes... :)

Oh.. and of course!! If you're interested in ordering any WONDERFUL Avon products from me just let me know!! :)


Lady Avon xxx

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