Monday, 21 March 2011

Just Dance!!!

I am starting a new exercise regime.. well I am going to attempt to anyways!! And it revolves around just about my favouritist thing to do.... DANCING!! :) woop de woop!

My wonderful mother bought me the game 'Just Dance' (she's always trying to find a way to get me exercising ;) hehe..).. and today I went on it... and GIDDY AUNT!! I LOVE IT!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Despite the silly sensor bar not picking up my smooth moves, and hence getting a poo score- I had an AMAZING sweaty betty time! The only one where I did half alright was the one that resembled a woman doing housework and rocking a baby..... just molly mormon typical!! At least I know where my real skills lie!! :D hehe.... So I have a feeling I will be sticking with this regime- got to at least give it a go for a week!

So this awesome dancyness, well it got me athinking- unbelievable I know!! Dancing makes me happy!! Like it fills me with alsorts of lovliness!! Gets rid of all kinds of stress and tiredness... makes it all go away!! :) So I think I shall dance through my days from now on- do a little jiggle and a wiggle anytime I feel stressed or worn down- and TA DA!! As good as new again! I may have to suggest this technique for my dad to use (he's a psychotherapist :)... it always works with my mum- that and singing very loud- which is something that I have also come to adopt....

Here's a clip from Grey's Anatomy that I caught the other day :) made me giggle lots :) and fits my dancing theory perfectly!!
Excuse the funky subtitles!!

So DANCE!! Because 'dancing makes you brave' :) hehe... xxx

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