Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Meet Kate :)

Say hello to my friend Kate...
The best way for me to describe Kate is that she's Luna Lovegood... (from Harry Potter).. but with no magical powers- despite what she might try to convince you!!
She is one of those friends that is ABSOLUTELY random in the most AMAZING way!! She quite literally breathes another air- I'm sure of it!! And of course it doesn't help that she's a wee bit blonde ;) hehe...

Kate is a good 3 and a half years younger than me- but like all my greatest friends, our age gap never matters! It's quite literally like having a little sister, but you can kick them out when they get annoying- which has happened with Miss Kate, but in the most hilarious of ways!!

So I've decided to share with you the reasons why I LOVE KATE!!

  1. She falls asleep playing Mario Kart on the Wii :) see below hehe... (boy she's gonna love me today!!)
  2. I have known her since her life began! Her family and mine pretty much matched each others in terms of age and sexes of the kids! Which means I know her like the back of my hand, which is always fun!
  3. She has one cooking specialty, which she treated me to once- that of Supernoodles!! She is DA MASTER!!
  4. She likes sugar... A LOT!! She used to put sooooo much on her porridge on early seminary mornings... actaully maybe she's made out of sugar and that's why she's so crazy!! Makes sense!!
  5. On a more serious note (perhaps the only serious thing I have to say hehe..) she is super de duperly musically talented- i.e. she can hear a song and work out how to play it on the piano- these sorts of musicians make me SICK!!! :D
  6. She has a quite HILARIOUS relationship with her mum and dad, which is always funny to hear about...deary me...
  7. She's just a wee bit of a hypochondriac- or should I just say she's very dramatic? She loves drama! I can still see her shocked drama/gossip face...fun fun fun!!
  8. She is so easy to spook!! Like you can completely freak her out- and when she's really scared (just by telling a silly ghost story), she does this like tiger raw and puts her hands out in front of her like she's scaring off the scary...hehe...
  9. My mum and dad are her best friends- like she goes to their house after she finishes school!! She used to do this when I was at home- but she still does it now- so I think she likes Shell and Florence more than me- I get little updates from my ma about how Kate is....just BRILLIANT!! And totally Kate!!
  10. She is quite literally SUNSHINE in a wee body!! 
So here's to you Kate :) You make me smile, even when I just think of you!! :)

  The girl on the right isn't me :) But the left is defo Kate :) <3

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